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Barichara culture focuses on their ancestors. His story is part of the axis of colonization and why people speak proudly of the great personalities of the city native who have been at the forefront of the important decisions of the country.

Its 300 years are reflected in an impressive architecture, where the stone is a constant in the houses, streets, religious centers and parks and whose conservation earned him the title of National Monument in 1978

The people of Barichara define it as a 'photogenic people' and high tourism potential, both for those who want to rest and for those who love the thrill and adventure, which is in the rugged topography around the ideal scenario for sports ends or outdoor tours.


Walk downhill by paved road 5 km and 2 hours of travel, the journey dry forest Suarez River canyon is observed, and is remembered when modernization reached by mule; living stories of the carriers in Santander as the foundation for the development of region and as a precursor German architect who made history trade to reach Guane, the last Indian village with over 400 years of history.



The interactive workshop ancestral processes such as rammed earth constructions and bareque and handmade clay tile, seeks to build a large theme park and area lodging with the help of the participants.


It is intended that the visitor got to meet the Santanderean customs regarding construction techniques, linking participatory manner in each of the processes in the company of the craftsman. Also strengthen practical way, the concept of transforming a GROUP of people in a TEAM, meaning that each other are needed to achieve common goals and objectives.



TAPIA TREAD: Under the direction of Maestro Ramon Atuesta started with the removal of land that was used in the project, we will immediately mounds to the respective mescla to achieve the ideal point for wall constructions, alternately assembled the rammed on the site where it will build the wall, finally the group is pressed into the mud. For this work groups of 4 to alternate in each of the tasks to attaining complete wall are arranged.

Bareque O TABIQUE: We do a small induction in a structure previously prepared with the assistance of the teacher Ramón Atuesta. Here give aesthetic look to the finished wall using the special blend that is known as pañete. For this work we have to go by land sieves for fine texture when mixed with water to achieve the consistency required for smooth and uniform finished.


PREPARATION MANUAL OF CLAY TILE: This activity takes place within a chircal (workshop for developing shingles) located inside the theme park, there visitors have all the materials required to produce a tile which left their signature later it will be baked for memories of the park and contribute in building new cabins.

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