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Charala is regarded as the cradle of liberty, by the revolt of the Communards by its main precursor Lord José Antonio Galán.

It lies 31 km. From San Gil, and 135 Km. From Bucaramanga (2:40 to 3 hours) by paved road, has a temperature of 20 ° C.

This beautiful, untamed land full of greenery, rivers and plantings, make a city to admire colonial style and historical riches becomes - cultural, as leaders and martyrs were born in this natural paradise.

Tourist Attractions



Located in the village of El Salitre, this cave was the last refuges of Cacique Chalala. In his gut, you can appreciate the beauty of nature, its various formations and species of fauna and flora; a short but impressive journey full of tranquility and freshness as this goes a small shed the water, which forms wells attractions to enjoy in a dark and damp cave.



A walk on the waters of Rio Fonce, starting from a place called Boards (union of PientaTaquiza and rivers), and ending in front of attractive waterfalls of Juan Curi - Páramo, this activity descent down the river gives us approximately one hour or two, to have a bit of fun and adrenaline, thanks to its fast, with levels 1, 2, and 3, making it unique and unforgettable.


Located on the bars sidewalk, an exotic place where you can enjoy touring between the gorge of "Argentina" for 30 minutes to get to a place in which a path will be in slab 10 meters bathed in water, surrounded by forest virgin conducive to contemplation of nature in its purest form. This is the only natural slide in the region that forms between the rock and ends, especially well for a quiet and cool bath.


We departing from the main park Charalá, we headed towards the natural site well slabs, to get there you go past the swimming pool, followed by Sanguine broken and bordering the Rio Pienta.

During the tour you will enjoy the lush natural beauty, fresh air and above all a rest at the waterfalls of this beautiful paradise.



Starting from the main park Charalá and Charaleño through the village, and so knowing its heritage as the bullring, the youth home, among others, and then to go to the cock pit, where all its natural beauty, wildlife surround us and give you a more beautiful scenery, until we reach our destination cock pit a place to freshen up and have a moment of peace.



Departing from the main park by the road to the creek the Sanguine and bordering the river Pienta, you can see the valley Straight forming this river in its passing, until the place called the Cedar. There will enjoy a refreshing swim under the suspension bridge.

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