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Town of craftsmen who inherited the tradition of the Guanes native inhabitants of these lands. And with colored threads weave the future of their families; sisal, natural fiber that has given recognition to the people who saw the poet of romanticism grow Ismael Enrique Arciniegas and Silvana Diaz, the first female soldier from Colombia who managed to temperance and courage to Santander woman.

Places to visit

SPA Pescaderito

This municipality has the Natural Spa Pescaderito 4 kilometers with depths for everyone suitable for family outings.

Museum fique - ECO-FIBRE COMPANY

A few steps from the Main Park factory sisal products and a museum with the evolution of this process and also ecological bags that contribute to the environment is; approximately 2 hour.

Voladero Paragliding is perhaps one of the extreme sports most important and striking for lovers of heights height. This sport is practiced more than 200 years after the amazing appearance of the balloon. It consists of a flight with an instructor and lasts approximately 10-20 minutes, depending on weather and the weight of the person you want to fly. This sport takes place on the hill The Jovito 2.6 miles from the city center, along the way can watch a beautiful landscape and spot the municipality of SanGil and if you are adventurous can enjoy a few stunts in the air that will leave you satisfied .


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