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Tourism since 1998 in the town of Paramo was developed by entrepreneurs who saw a fortress in the tourist attractions in him and in the region existed. In turn grew and demand also grew the desire to go ahead and go forged increasingly. On the way there were many successes, failures and setbacks that were gradually creating what is today our great organization.



Was born on January 1, 2006, after the consolidation of four large companies who understood that uniting force, capital and human resources, could generate a significant change in the town's development, strengthening employment generation, and providing quality of life and welfare of its employees.

Today we work with large quality standards, optimizing our processes, doing every day things with love, understanding that in the service and personalized customer service is the secret of the consolidation of our organization.

Every day we work to realize our dream; which is getting to be a great tourist organization have agencies in each departmental capital, managing national and international plans. I know that very soon I'll be there attending you, very near your home, to the best vacation of your life.


Commercial Manager

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