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National Park chicamocha

The PARQUE NACIONAL DEL CHICAMOCHA (also known as PANACHI), recently created, is one of the few natural parks of Colombia dedicated to ecotourism, making it one of the most important tourist sites in the country. It was opened to the public on Saturday December 2, 2006. The park is located on the route Bucaramanga - San Gil, 54 km from the capital of the department of Santander and 39 km from San Gil; has been built on the majestic Chicamocha Canyon, taking advantage of its natural and historical riches. Its area is 264 hectares. The park consists of an urban complex composed of different elements and places that promote the values of the land, landscape, culture and people Santanderean. It consists of an administrative, cultural and tourism office, parking, cable car station, beltway, Santander town band shell, theater, monument to Santandereanidad, natural gazebo, paths and trails, places for contemplation and rest.

The project seeks Chicamocha National Park through the promotion of one of the most attractive and representative sites nationwide for its majesty and beauty, as is the Chicamocha Canyon, stimulate pride, tradition, culture, economy Santander and history.




Santandereano Pueblo:

The village evokes the guane peoples who lived more than five hundred years ago Chicamocha Canyon placing their homes over the mountains terraces, generate three staggered squares that are reduced in size as the mountain topography increases, achieving a sequence spaces that can overcome the height of the mountain.


The village was located strategically, seeking to generate through its different squares a path towards the "Monument to the Santandereanidad" and opening to turn his eyes to the Chicamocha Canyon from its three seats.


Place of Morals:

Resembles the little square of a santandereano village, around which the different supply chains in the region, such as the development of Sandwich, the Snuff and accessories Fique, Stone Carving in Barichara, among others and of course be exhibited sale recently completed those products.


Plaza de las Banderas:

Square located at the entrance of the park where the platform event will serve as a meeting place for everyone who wants to enjoy all the shows for all visitors is.


Square Trade:

In this place will be located restaurants, food courts and refreshments specially equipped with the typical region of the region so that adults and children can enjoy delicious dishes santandereanos.



Square located at the entrance of the park where the platform event will serve as a meeting place for everyone who wants to enjoy all the shows for all visitors is.


Square ants:

There you can take a second break before reaching the monument Sheet Snuff, comfortably enjoying a delicious drink while admiring the view.


Lookouts Park:

To scroll through the park and enjoy the beauty of the landscape, have created several roads and paths which visitors can be moved to wherever they want, using the shadow areas to relax a little and take a new look to continue the walk .


Monument Santandereanidad:

It is one of the most representative park attractions. The monument is built in the form of leaf snuff, as a symbol in the fight commoner. On it is artistically recreates the revolution of the commoners in 36 sculptures created by master Luis Guillermo Vallejo.


Mirador 360 °:

It is located in the upper part of the park, he can appreciate the majesty of the canyon from every angle with an unparalleled view. With the architecture of the villages santandereanos gives a regionalist and keeping touch with the conditions of the park.


Things to do


Cable car:

The Chicamocha National Park cable car is one of the most visited attractions in the park. Cross Canyon chicamocha starting from the park to the Mesa de los Santos. Intermediate station on the canyon floor.


I cablevuelo:

It is one of the biggest attractions in the park. Cablevuelos three in total. The first and oldest is located on the back of the park and can admire the canyon and Chicamocha River, is 450 mt; the second is the viewpoint cablevuelo, is shorter but more vertigo and emotion and the last is the cablevuelo children.


Ice rink:

It is an ecological ice rink imported from Europe. Allows visitors skating while enjoying the stunning scenery of the canyon. Buggies track is a track for small car or ATV Buggies known as tandem. The track is 1 Km full of ups and downs and difficult terrain that gives visitors a fun and unique adrenaline.



Device in which the person is suspended in a harness and bungee cords then are thrown up.Reaches 7 meters high. They can enjoy adults and children.


Park ostriches:

You can see these exotic birds originating from Africa, as well as their eggs and young.


Park Goats: The particular species of goats given in the Canyon area Chicamocha displayed in which are gathered in the Parque de lasCabras, which are strategically organized in their pens, so that every visitor can appreciate or bottle-feed them or carrot: whether children or adults, can get up close with nature and species in the region.



A trip paragliding over 1500 m high with local conditions, is unmatched. It must be programmed in advance the flight can be made between 9 am and 12 noon.

Canoe or Rafting:

The park is done in the Chicamochariver on the route you choose as final destination.

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