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It is located south east of the Department, Guanentina Province, with a population of 3643 habitants. The town is far 117 kilometers of Bucaramanga Capital Santandereana and 20 kilometers.

This land is characterized by the faith of the people in the health virgin professed every year on 1 and 2 February, others for their haciendas vestige of the industrious peasants wealth of their lands and landscapes and waterfalls Juan Curi, Indian cave, horseback riding and ecological this earthly paradise to enjoy walks.


On the main street of San Gil-Charalá at kilometer 22 approx, water power and beauty of nature is reflected in its heyday in a natural paradise, where nature lovers walk on the rise 20 minutes to soak in the crystal clear waters of La Chorrera who fall into 2 jumps 80 mts. It is also the scene of adventurers in the practice of canyoning, abseiling on stream, to feel adrenaline on high with feet on the ground.



The Colombian caving explorer emerges from Wenceslas Cabrera, who toured for over thirty years, Santander, Tolima, Huila. Our department has a variety of training, the best known being the Cueva del Indio deposed interest to those who wish to live an experience underground water accompanied mud and darkness to make a challenge to fear and wonder at the beauty of the natural formations for hundreds of years were formed.

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