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San Gil


The epicenter of a journey in Santander may be San Gil, the capital of the province of Guanentá and the midpoint between the historic towns and landscapes of adventure. If you choose to visit this magnificent region and not stay with remorse for what he could have done and did not note that you must have at least four or five days available to do not just in their fun. For around in short distance municipalities can not miss, such as the Paramo, Curití, Barichara, Charalá are located.

It is located 96 kilometers from Bucaramanga, capital of Santander Department and 327 kilometers from the capital Bogota. And capital of the province of Guanentá with 18 municipalities; collection center for commerce, public authorities zonal and banks, clinics and Terminal of transportation.

Places to Visit


Descent inflatable boat sleeps 8 with the guide that guides the decrease for 10 kilometers, major tour in Colombia for family groups who enjoy landscapes of forest and moss do step on either side of the river.


Gallineral Park is located on an island formed by the Rio Fonce and Curití creek, near the town of San Gil (access to San Gil is done by air to Bucaramanga and from there by road in a two-hour tour approx. ), in the department of Santander. It extends for four (4) acres of land cultivated with a number of trees called hen, whose branches hang mosses or beards, where you can walk under the shade plus ceibas hardwood anacos and other species, with a variety of shrubs and gardens. In addition Gallineral is the only natural park within city limits in Colombia.

The park opened on December 13, 1985; It has also been called Isla Bella Natural Park because it is always surrounded by water, to lead the Curití broken in Rio Fonce open in three arms, forming deltas picturesque park. All the land is cultivated with 1867 trees, 80% are called "hen" and whose branches are born mosses Tilladesiausnoides which extend to form long and elegant curtains.

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